English 122 Introduces students to English Studies by acquainting them with the critical approaches appropriate to the varied subject areas of the discipline. The assumptions and methods of these approaches will be considered, especially in the interpretation of literature. At the conclusion, students are able to critically analyze texts and demonstrate those skills in discussion and writing. Required of all English majors.

Our learning objectives include the ability to:

  • Identify English Studies’ distinctive assumptions, critical questions, and analytical methodologies.
  • Recognize and use technical vocabulary required of English majors and minors.
  • Engage in effective close reading in order to analyze the formal, conceptual, and cultural significance of texts.
  • Utilize critical theory to recognize and analyze the formal, conceptual, and cultural dimensions of texts.
  • Communicate effectively the relationships between English Studies and issues of power, minority, identity, and culture.
  • Create opportunities for audiences beyond our classroom to interact with significant course content.